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Our decades of experience in young plant propagation and nursery operations has taught us how vital a healthy start is to a successful harvest. That’s why we located our farms in sunny San Diego County, which boasts one of the world’s greatest growing climates. With more than 160 unique cultivars to choose from, and an infinite variety of custom solutions, ZENLABS can deliver exceptional THC and CBD clones to fit the needs of any operation.  The benefits of a dependable nursery relationship to your cultivation facility go far beyond the cost savings.

If you have questions, please contact us at 1-844-ZEN-LABS.

  • Provide Premium Hemp & Cannabis Clones
    • Zenlabs looks to elevate the standard for growers throughout North America by:
      1. Nurturing our starter plants with clean pure water and high quility nutrients.
      2. Using our proprietary pest and disease control process to help deliver a fresh and healthy plant ready to provide maximum potency and yield.
  • Genetic Banking for Growers
    • Zenlabs provides a secured laboratories for genetic banking services to take time, manpower and risk off growers hands.
    • We provide growers with identical “blueprints” for cultivars to ensure that they have access to the varieties that they want when they need them.
  • Genetic Restoration and Pathogen Elimination
    • We see to bring back the vitality of your favorite cultivars through our genetic restoration and pathogen elimination services.
    • Zenlabs helps to manage the genetics and vitality for growers to help them avoid the loss of millions of dollars in revenue.


The dream team that will grow your investment beyond your expectations


Michael Boshart
Michael Boshart, President of Zenlabs Holdings. He has spent the last two decades turning startups into hugely successful businesses. Zenlabs has the biggest potential he has ever seen to completely revolutionize this $50 billion industry, putting pre-IPO investors in the perfect position for lifechanging gains.

Kelly Stopher
Kelly Stopher, Zenlabs Chief Financial Officer and Director. He has 29 years of accounting and finance experience, 10 of which were in the public sector as a certified financial modeling valuation analyst. He’s also a regulations expert.

Karl Metz
Zenlabs Chief Operating Officer is Karl Metz. He brings to the table a multi-generational understanding of nursery operations. Like his father before him, Karl understands what it takes to grow successfully in an industry with competitors like Altmans, Armstrong, Pardee, and CMA Growers.
He not only maintained the company his father built … but expanded it twofold. And, with his help, Zenlabs is positioned to become the lynchpin in the industry growers’ space.

Craig Dickhout
Craig Dickhout, Zenlabs Chief Marketing Officer. He’s pivotal in the conceptual direction of our vision. He has spent most of his career in marketing, and he brings the current success of his current company, to the team.

Ian Cole
Ian Cole. As Zenlabs’ Lab Manager, he has an MSC degree in Environmental Science, with a focus on medicinal plan metabolism and chemistry. He also has a BSC in Horticultural Studies from the University of Florida and he has more than 15 years’ experience working with tissue cultures and young plant production.


Each and every one of this team has the precise skill set needed to turn Zenlabs into the industry’s linchpin.

And as they do it, pre-IPO investors, will reap the investment rewards … no matter what the stock market or Fed is doing on any given day.


How to make an investment in Zenlabs Holdings with as little as $1,200

Zen Labs Deal Summary

SECURITY TYPE: Unit offering, with each unit consiting of one Zenlabs Subordinate Share and one purchase warrant

UNIT PRICE: Each share of Zenlabs costs US$1.20

WARRANTS: You also receive one warrant to purchase an additional Subordinate Share at a price of US$3.00 per share for a period beginning one year after the offering statement to which this circular relates is qualified by the SEC and ending on the date three years from date of issue

MINIMUM INVESTMENT: US $1,200 or 1,000 shares

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    If you have questions, please contact us at 1-844-ZEN-LABS.